Call For Papers

 Original and high quality research papers are solicited in all areas of Communication Technologies . We seek research full papers and posters on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:

Advanced Electronics and Communication Technologies

• Information and communication technologies
• Microwave and Millimeter wave Engineering
• Antenna design and RF propagation
• Biomedical Engineering
• RFID Technology and Applications
• Smart city Technologies and Systems
• Smart Energy Systems
• MIMO Systems & Microwave Systems
• Electromagnetics Engineering
• Bio-computation Techniques
• Embedded Systems and Applications
• Automotive and Avionic engineering
• MEMS and NEMS Related Technology
• Nano and microelectronics, Optoelectronics

Artificial Intelligence and Capsule Networks

• Capsule networks in deep learning
• Convolutional Neural networks
• Artificial Intelligence systems and ubiquitous robotics
• Smart robots for multi-task performance
• High dimensional date routing in AI
• AI framework for smart network management
• Capsules in the brain networks
• Capsule implementation in the network
• Feed-forward neural networks
• Deep reinforcement algorithms
• Recurrent neural networks in AI
• Mobility management in recurrent neural networks
• Telecommunication computing in ubiquitous AI

Data Communication and Computer Networking

• Cryptography
• Mobile Computing, Networks & Wireless LAN
• Optical Networking
• Network Based Applications
• Network Security Next Generation Web
• Recent Trends in Computer Networks
• Wireless Multimedia systems

VLSI Design and Automation

• Communication Circuits
• Device/Circuit Simulation and Modeling
• Digital Circuits and ASIC
• Electronic System Level Design & Embedded Systems
• Low Power CMOS Design
• Logic Synthesis and Physical Design
• MEMS and Sensors Design
• RF, Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits

Communicating Things Networks

• Communication in heterogeneous CTNs
• Blockchain Technologies in CTNs
• Security for self-configuring mobiles things
• Fog computing and CTNs
• Transport applications and CTNs
• Context-aware networking protocol design for CTNs
• Privacy, safety and cyberattacks in CTNs